Guys, the naked man in the picture you see above is supposedly a lecturer in Delta State University, Theatre Arts department. According to my reader who sent me the story, the lecturer had threatened to fail one of his female students Tega if she refused to sleep with him.
Initially, Tega had rejected his advances, but when Mr Lecturer's wahala became plenty, then he threatened to fail her, Tega gave in. Well kinda.
Cos somehow, she was able to convince her lecturer to let them have the sex at her apartment instead of a hotel room.
When Mr Lecturer showed up at Tega's place yesterday (Friday), she let him in. Purposely, she left her doors unlocked and got her lecturer to take off his clothes, ready for action.
Unknown to him, Tega had arranged with her male friends and neighbours that they were to barge into her room once she got him completely naked.
And fortunately, everything worked according to plan. The rest is history.

Nicki Minaj is rumored to be engaged to rapper Meek Mill, while Minaj’s ex Safaree Samuels is making headlines for his as he is about to drop a diss track on Nicki. Minaj and Samuels dated for nearly fourteen years according to the up-and-coming rapper, who reveals that Nicki ended things after she learned that he wanted to launch his own rap career years after serving as her personal hype man and assistant, TMZ reports. While attending the red carpet event for the taping of Versus and Flow, HipHollywood reveals that Samuels dished about what fans can expect from his upcoming music and comments on rumors that he’s planning a scathing diss track for Minaj.

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